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Best Car Financing Firms In Ireland

Are you looking for the top car financing companies in Ireland to help you fulfill your dream of owning your dream car? We’ve got you covered as we present you with a list of some of the most reliable and best-rated financing firms you can reach out to.


The best approach to deal with rising gas prices is to purchase environmentally friendly electric vehicles. Exactly that is what AIB does. Starting at 6.25% APR, it offers financing at a competitive rate to buy electric cars and other household items. The option for borrowers to return the sum in 10 years, which would be easy on their finances, is also available. One will need to confirm that they purchased the electric vehicle, and after that is done, the process will go significantly faster if you have an account with AIB.

KBC Bank

Contact the KBC Bank branch closest to you to get financing for the ideal car you want to purchase. The 6.3% interest rate KBC bank offers is regarded as one of the best in the nation. Those with a current account with KBC Bank can access these rates. You can use their quick online application gateway through their app or even go to one of their branches and relax, knowing there are no fees involved. You can contact their customer care, which has extensive customer service hours if you have any questions about the application procedure or interest rates.

Permanent TSB

Permanent TSB is the best choice in Ireland for secured cash loans, auto lending, and other related services. You should open a savings account with the bank if you don’t already have one because it will make the process much simpler for you. You can use their handy online application gateway to get the loan you need. Although their interest rates vary depending on the amount you require, they begin at 6.4% and are payable over 5 years.

Bank of Ireland

Contact the Bank of Ireland to obtain a car loan or a hire buy and pay the monthly installments at set rates. The interest rates are predetermined at the time of the contract and remain the same throughout the duration. With a fixed rate of 6.75%, you can return the sum over a period of 2 to 5 years. Despite having a fixed interest rate and an easy online application, there are also purchase and paperwork fees. However, if you are currently a Bank of Ireland customer, the procedure will go very smoothly for you.

Vendor Finance

Vendor Finance

Car financing and other associated services are provided by Vendor Loan, a finance broker. They offer financing at various interest rates depending on the amount you want to borrow and the payback term you select. The initial interest rate, however, is 7.5%. It is really simple to obtain financing from them; you only need to complete an online application form and select the type of financing you want. They don’t charge a service fee, and their online calculator makes it simple to figure out how much you owe.

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